Do you make these mistakes with women?

  • You see a woman you find really attractive, but are too afraid to approach and talk to her.
  • You go up to a woman to talk to her, but you just can’t think of something to say, and end up feeling as if you “blew it.”
  • You make eye contact with the girl, but you’re not sure she likes you, so the opportunity is gone before you can take advantage of it.
  • Thoughts of rejection stop you from approaching and having any real success with women.
  • You want to meet girls, but feel shy and have no idea how to do it.
  • You become friends with a woman, hoping to turn it into a relationship, but then you get stuck and don’t know how to take it to a sexual level.
  • You think you don’t have the good looks that women are attracted to, so you don’t even try.
  • You’ve experienced rejection from so many women, that you end up resenting women, and have stopped trying to meet more of them because you think you’ll just get rejected even more.
  • You are able to approach women and get them attracted to you, but you don’t know how to take it to the sexual level.

If you answered "Yes" to any of above, you probably need to learn the art of approaching and attracting women. Click below for more details.

Art of approaching women