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4-Day Bootcamp

Learn to approach & attract women with step-by-step instructions from a coach. Become socially fearless.

Every father should teach this to his son.

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All your life you have received wrong information about what women really look for in a man.

Wrong advice from friends, from parents, from teachers, from society, from the media and from your religious leaders.

Here's an opportunity to fix it permanently. Sign up for a Real Man Bootcamp and learn the way attraction works. Learn the correct way to approach and talk to women. Approach real women in the real world. One after another after another after another after another...

At the Real Man bootcamp, you learn by approaching women. Lots of women. Real women in the real world in real life situations. I'll be by your side, providing demos, encouraging you to approach, correcting your technique. I'll even kick your ass if you chicken out. It will be intense. You will be scared, you will be thrilled. You will be transformed.

Bootcamp Details

Gyaan & feedback

Gyaan & feedback

The coach will clean up your mental blocks and limiting beliefs. You'll understand why men fear approaching, how to handle this fear, how to handle rejections and more. You will learn powerful inner-game secrets to build your confidence at a deep level.

Image makeover

Image makeover

You don't have to be goodlooking, you just have to look good. With a little time spent in a mall, we will transform your look. No matter what you looked like when you came in, by the time you leave the mall, you will look much more sexually attractive.

Bodylanguage & voice tone correction

Bodylanguage & voice tone

90% of your impression is created by your bodylanguage and voice. Only 10% is with your words. The coach will fix your body language and voice tone in a 30-minute session and transform the way you present yourself. Even your friends and family will wonder how you changed overnight.

Live approaches

Live approaches

We approach real women in the real world. In shopping malls, cafés, supermarkets, on the streets and in bookstores. Girls who are walking, seated, standing, shopping...girls in groups, girls alone, girls with guys...girls in every possible situation. While your coach gives you regular feedback.

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Direct & Indirect

At the bootcamp you'll learn both kinds of approaches and also the best time to use each.

Nonstop pushing by coach

Nonstop pushing by coach

During the bootcamp, you will approach women repeatedly. Repetition fixes your fears. Your old pattern of shyness and fear with women will get overwritten with a new pattern of calm and success with talking to women.

Games and exercises

Games and exercises

We will play some hilarious games and do some powerful exercises to replace feelings of nervousness with fun and laughter. This will help you project a a powerful POSITIVITY to the world that people will be drawn towards. Use these exercises to get yourself into a fun, social state anytime, anywhere!

Measure your progress

Measure your progress

The coach will give you practice tasks and teach you how to measure your own progress by keeping a log (details will be explained during the bootcamp).

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Bonus: Sex coaching

At the end of the bootcamp you will receive tips on how to sexually satisfy a woman. Advanced sexual techniques provided by a certified sex educator. And a complimentary copy of the sex manual 'What women really want'. READ EXCERPTS

Free phone consultation

Free phone consultation

After the bootcamp, you can call the coaches for a year and discuss any personal challenges you may be facing in your game.

Frequently asked questions

How will learning to approach women help a man?

This is the most important skill any man must learn if he wishes to reach his dating potential and have choice of women in his life. Unless you approach a woman, you will never get to know her or date her or have sex with her. But this is not just about women.

The anxiety you feel when you approach a woman is part of a larger issue called SOCIAL anxiety.

Every one of us has some level of social anxiety, but the HIGHEST form of it manifests when you approach women.

By learning to approach women, you tackle the most intense form of social anxiety.

To approach and connect with women successfully, you have to bring out your own best personality. You have to make deep level changes to yourself. You have to become more confident, you have to look good, you have to develop the ability to take quick decisions, you need masculine body language and a relaxed & confident voice tone.

This will help you with more than just women.

Besides improving your dating life, these skills will make you more confident and outgoing at social gatherings and parties. Your relationships with your friends and families will improve. You will build stronger bonds with your colleagues at work. You will evolve into a bold, attractive man who approaches life with a whole new perspective.

Earlier you might be insecure and self-conscious, but once you get this skill handled, you will radiate as you walk down the street.

What if I already have a girlfriend or a wife?

Having the skill of approaching women and flirting with them makes a man much more attractive even to his OWN girlfriend or wife.

Flirting with other women while you’re in a relationship helps you preserve your fun and flirty persona so you’re like that around your girlfriend or wife.

Just possessing the skill of approaching women makes you radiate a flirtatious charm that your partner will love. In fact, the reason many relationships lack zing is because the man does not have the skill of flirting.

What if the woman I approach is married or not single?

That is one of the reasons why you need the skills of approaching.

If she happens to be married or not available or not interested, you can disengage and walk away pleasantly, without any drama, without feeling rejected.

But unless you approach, you'll never know.

What is a bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a military term used to describe an intense training session, during which untrained civilians are transformed into trained fighting machines.

The Real Man Bootcamp is an intense training session during which untrained guys are provided with the skills (physical and mental) to approach and connect with any woman they want. You start approaching within half an hour of the bootcamp beginning.

The coach will convince, persuade, kick your ass, do whatever it takes to make you break through your fears and learn how to approach and connect with women.

I'm a really bad case of approach anxiety! Can you help me too?

Approach anxiety is normal, and it stays with you all your life.

The real man is not one who gets rid of approach anxiety (AA), but one who approaches inspite of it.

Billionaires and movie stars have AA too. Despite all their wealth, fame and good looks, these guys also have the fear of approaching a woman they don't know. In fact their fear is greater, because they feel that if they are rejected, everybody will come to know (that's why the women they end up with are usually women who approached them, not the women THEY chose).

What will I learn at the bootcamp?

Here are some of the things you will learn...

  • A simple 10-second technique thatlets youtalk to any woman anywhere

    Earlier, when Iapproached women, they would tell me that they're busy or they would ignore me. Some would be more direct and ask me to go away! But with this simple technique, I can walk upto any woman and talk to her,without fear of rejection.I will teach you this simple yet powerful technique.

  • The most important thing you MUST do when you open a group of girls

    99% of guys don't do this, and get rejected as a result.

  • 3 Simple exercises to fix your body language and voice tone.

    More important than a good body, a handsome face, wealth or youth is your body language and voice tone.You will learn 3 simple tips to change the way you walk,talk and and make eye-contact in the confident alpha-male manner that all women find attractive.

  • A simple bodylanguage trick that increases your success by 5 times, at least!

    A small change in the angle of your body makes women feel less threatened and more open to having a conversation with you.

  • The REASONS why almost all men are afraid to approach women.

    No matter how much status you have, you don't have more status than that drop-dead gorgeous babe. Even movie stars and billionaires are helpless when it comes to approaching and talking to a woman they don't know. Fortunately, any man can learn the skills to break through this fear.

  • Insights into female psychology

    You will learn the way women think.You will realize that women actually WANT to be approached, but NOT in the way that mostmen approach them. You will learn to avoid the mistakes 99% of men make when they interact with women.

  • How to approach women and connect with them

    We go out and approach real women in the real world.

    I provide you the demos by approaching women myself.

    Then I push you in to approaching.

    You will first 'warm up' with light approaches. Like walking up to women and asking what time it is. All the time moving and speaking in the confident manner I have trained you in.

    Then we take it to a higher level where you walk up to women and give them a simple compliment.

    Then you walk up to women, give a compliment, and have a small conversation.

    While I watch and help you sharpen your game.

    As you progress, you will open women with openers that are increasinglydirect.

    We keep moving to higher and higher levels, until you you can walk up to ANY woman ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, have a conversation andask for her phone number.

    All the time, I will be there with you, watching, pushing, encouraging, helping you get betterevery day.

  • Practice tasks

    You will be given tasks to do and evaluate on your own. You will also have access to call or email me to discuss any issue.

Will you travel to my city and take a bootcamp here?

Our coaches will travel and conduct bootcamps in many Indian cities. Click here to request a bootcamp in your city.

For a group bootcamp, a minimum of 6 students are required for a coach to travel to your city. Or you can travel to Mumbai for a weeken and take a bootcamp in this happening city, like the way guys are doing from all over India.

You can also take Private coaching with one-on-one coaching from Shiva.

How do I know my money will be safe?

Good question. You should always be cautious and do your research. The Real Man Academy is India's first dating consultancy firm. We have been featured in leading newspapers. Here is one such article in the Mumbai Mirror (which is part of the Times of India group). We are a reputed company run by successful professionals. We continuously make large investments in technology, marketing and training material for our clients. We are not driven by short-term profits. We are here for the long term.

All payments on our site are processed by 2Checkout™, one of the world's largest providers of trusted payment processing. We never get to see your creditcard details, they are passed on directly to 2Checkout™, through secure servers.

You also have the option of paying by bank deposit.

Where do you teach your bootcamps?

Naturally, we don't reveal our training grounds to protect the privacy of our clients. But it really does not matter. You can learn anywhere there are beautiful women.

What qualifications do you have to teach this?

Lots of qualifications : I have been slapped, kicked, told to f**k off, drinks thrown at my face, thrown out by security guards, almost arrested by the police, my life threatened by a man hired by a jealous boyfriend and rejected by many women.

I also have a harem of beautiful women today.

Through all this I have learnt some deep lessons that help minimize the mistakes of any guy doing this for the first time. That's why I teach.

Ideally, this is a skill that should be taught by every father to his son. By every uncle to his nephew. By every elder brother to his younger brother.

Until that happens, I will keep teaching.

But if it answers your question, I have been going out and approaching women for about 8 years now, and teaching this technique since the last 5 years.

When is the next batch starting?

A new batch begins every Friday. You can join any time, provided we have vacancies.Click here to signup

Date, time, venue, price?
  • Date : Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Time : Thur 7 pm to 10 pm, Fri-Sun 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Price : Rs. 82,000/-
  • Venue : Venue details provided to registered clients
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